Living the Dream – Trailer

A nerdy high school girl commits murders by dreaming them.

Alice, an eighteen-year-old shy girl has terrible nightmares of being chased by killers. In those dreams she flees from them, but always ends up killing them in self-defence. However, when she wakes up, the killer from her dream is on the news, because he or she has been murdered brutally – exactly the way Alice did it in her dreams. To stop this, she needs to find out what is causing this, so Alice and her best friend Katie are doing a lot of research on lore and myths about things that could influence dreams or cause nightmares. Eventually they come across Phobetor, Greek God of nightmares. When Alice goes to sleep again, Phobetor confronts her and tells her she is his daughter and he has plans for her. Alice is (obviously) shocked and opposed to this and goes on a mission to find a way to kill Phobetor.

Together with Thomas Muis we’ve written the music.